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When can I drink kombucha?

Drink anytime! Morning, noon or night. We love it best in the afternoon as refreshing beverage some time after lunch. There is no special time to drink it – follow your instinct!

How do I consume it? Do I need to dilute the kombucha with water?

Kombucha is tastiest chilled, but can absolutely be consumed sada, at room temperature. There is no need to dilute! Kombucha is a ready beverage, drink it as is.

What is so healthy about kombucha?

Firstly, kombucha is a living, raw product and drinking it fills your body with beneficial bacteria. Those bacteria play essential roles in our bodies – helping us digest food, synthesize vitamins and minerals, strengthen our gut walls, and reduce inflammation. Our microbiome (the trillions of bacteria & yeasts in our bodies!) also regulate our sleep cycles, our hormones, our immune cell production and even produce 90% of our serotonin! Secondly, quality kombucha is full of organic acids that helps our bodies detoxify, digest & release free radicals.

How much kombucha can I drink in a day?

Rise Up is raw, living, and genuinely probiotic; thus drinking Rise Up means introducing beneficial bacteria to your body. If you already eat a wide range of fermented foods, drink as much Rise Up as you want!

If you otherwise don't consume fermented foods, we suggest you start slow so you body can adjust. Start with one glass a day and allow your microbiome to build up.

Do I need to refrigerate Rise Up? Other brands can be left out on the counter.

Yes! You MUST refrigerate our kombucha. It is living and raw. Failing to refrigerate can result in bursting bottles and your kombucha becoming overly fizzy and sour. If other kombucha brands are stable at room temperature for days on end, well, it’s not real kombucha! Ditch that brand and go with a quality one like Rise Up. Living, raw kombucha must be kept in the fridge at all times.

Is kombucha safe for kids?

Yup! It’s a health alternative to sugary, artificially-flavored, force-carbonated soft drinks. Most kids we know really enjoy it.

I am caffeine-sensitive. Can I drink kombucha?

While kombucha is brewed with green and black tea, 90% of the caffeine gets consumed during the brewing cycle (to grow the new SCOBY!), leaving the final product nearly caffeine-free.

Can I get the probiotic benefit of kombucha without any sugar?

Yes indeed you can! We also make raw, probiotic kombucha vinegars which can be consumed like a tonic. Add 30 ml kombucha vinegar to a glass of water and drink anytime of day, but especially in the morning on an empty stomach.

For those with diabetes, this is the best way to get the probiotic benefits of kombucha with zero sugar.

Can’t you make a sugar-free kombucha?

Unfortunately, no. Sugar plays a vital role in the brewing process – it feeds the yeast and bacteria! They consume the sugar and convert it into various organic acids that detoxify our bodies. Rest assured, the sugar content in a ready-to-drink kombucha is very low and the benefits of the living bacteria & organic acids far outweigh the cost of the sugar calories.

For a 100% sugar-free option, try our kombucha vinegar, which can be mixed with water and consumed as a tonic (exactly like an Apple Cider Vinegar tonic.)

Is kombucha non-alcoholic?

Kombucha, like any fermented product, contains very trace amounts of alcohol. Our brewing processes ensure that Rise Up Kombucha is always under the limit of 0.05% which is considered non-alcoholic. Making it safe for everyone to drink.

What is the jelly like thing floating in my kombucha?

That is the SCOBY itself! Because Rise Up is raw, living & truly probiotic, the brewing process continues in the bottle even once it leaves the brewery. That small jelly-like disk is a teeny weeny SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) that has formed. It is 100% safe to drink, in fact, it's like taking a probiotic pill, go for it!

What is the dark matter settled at the bottom of my kombucha?

Those dark stringy things that can settle in the bottom of a kombucha bottle are strands of healthy yeast. They are completely natural and completely healthy to consume.

Questions answered, so give it a go!

And if there is anything you are unsure about, feel free to contact us.

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