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Because drinks taste better when they're made by interesting people.

It's science ;)

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Rise Up Kombucha is nestled alongside The Odd Gumnut and All Living Things Environmental Film Festival, which together make up our ecosystem of earth-lovin’ enterprises.

As individuals, there is only a limited impact we can make, but as businesses, our impact is expansive. Our brands are here to educate, inspire and enjoy, all with an unshakable core belief that humanity can be a force for good if we unlearn, open our minds, and collaborate.

  • Kunal Khanna

    Lean business canvaser, blue sky thinker, systems analyst. Kunal ensures we are always working towards zero-waste.

  • Laura Christie

    The flavor maker, the brew master, the creative. Laura brings the style, the creative direction and the flair to the biz.

  • Rishab Khanna

    The gun, the go-getter, the connector. Rishab heads up all business development, partnerships and collaborations.

  • Rohan Bhalwal

    Head brewer and king of fermentation! Rohan is the man behind the daily fermentation magic. He is to thank for the delicious booch we all enjoy!

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We are committed to reaching zero waste

Zero waste is both a journey and a destination. We are always improving out processes so we can do business better, for the planet and for our collective health.

Curious what zero waste kombucha tastes like?