Revolution takes guts.

Naturally healthy, fizzy, probiotic drink to balance your gut and inspire a revolutionary spirit.

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Drink up & Rise Up!

A balanced gut is the foundation of a healthy body, vibrant mind & revolutionary spirit.

These days, however, gut health doesn't come free. We must intentionally restore beneficial bacteria to bolster our microbiome. Only then will we have the vitality for necessary change!

  • Naturally fizzy

    Carbonation is the result of living yeast eating sugar. At Rise Up, it happens naturally, in the bottle, forming a uniquely satisfying fizz.

  • Panchgani brewed

    We love Panchgani, who doesn’t? Cool mountain air, nature abound. Come have a taste of the Rise Up life by visiting our brewery at The Odd Gumnut, Panchgani.

  • Real probiotics

    Brewed authentically with a living SCOBY, beneficial bacteria and yeast produce a naturally healthy probiotic drink, alive with organic acids & probiotics. Drink up and Rise Up, cause revolution takes guts.

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  • Proud ethics

    Intentional supply chains ensure that farmers, families & communities are supported. We work with suppliers as committed to sustainability as we are.

  • Zero waste

    We’re earth-loving entrepreneurs and practice what we preach.  We package in glass & cardboard, use return logistics, brew waste free and passively, not reliant on external heating or cooling.

  • Smashes hangovers

    Post workout. Post heavy meal. Post big night. Smash a chilled Rise Up, maybe 2, and she’ll be right, mate.

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