Revolution takes guts.

Zero added sugar, unpasteurized, non-alcoholic, and packed with detoxing organic acids and probiotics for kick-ass digestion and legendary vitality!

Drink alone. Drink with mates. Drink after a workout. Drink after a heavy lunch, yarr.

Drink up ✨

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Next day delivery to Mumbai, Panchgani & Mahabaleshwar and standard delivery to Pune.

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  • Naturally fizzy

    Carbonation is the result of living yeast eating sugar. At Rise Up, it happens naturally, in the bottle, forming a uniquely satisfying fizz.

  • Panchgani brewed

    We love Panchgani, who doesn’t? Cool mountain air, nature abound. Come have a taste of the Rise Up life by visiting our brewery at The Odd Gumnut, Panchgani.

  • Real probiotics

    Brewed authentically with a living SCOBY, beneficial bacteria and yeast produce a naturally healthy probiotic drink, alive with organic acids & probiotics. Drink up and Rise Up, cause revolution takes guts.

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  • Proud ethics

    Intentional supply chains ensure that farmers, families & communities are supported. We work with suppliers as committed to sustainability as we are.

  • Zero waste

    We’re earth-loving entrepreneurs and practice what we preach.  We package in glass & cardboard, use return logistics, brew waste free and passively, not reliant on external heating or cooling.

  • Smashes hangovers

    Post workout. Post heavy meal. Post big night. Smash a chilled Rise Up, maybe 2, and she’ll be right, mate.

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Having a party?!

Get Rs 500 off and free delivery on 24 packs. Rise Up pairs epically with spirits, is a fabulous non-alcoholic alternative for those not drinking, and hydrates to prevent (or cure) hangovers.

Let's do it

Locally brewed, locally delivered

We are proudly brewed in Panchgani and run our brewery on principles of circular economy.

Instead of delivering pan-India, we supply locally only. That means Mumbai, Pune, Panchgani & Mahabaleshwar.

Not in our area and crave real booch? Learn to brew yourself from our co-founder.